Are you looking to improve the time management as well as the efficiency of your irrigation system? Not certain on how to expand your existing irrigation system? Planning a new irrigation system? The team at Witzenberg Irrigation is ready to walk the road with you to a complete and automated solution for your needs, no matter how specialized the crop you’re growing.

Soek u hulp met die beplanning van u besproeiingstelsel?

Moenie bekommerd wees nie, skakel ons enige tyd en ons help graag!!


Our team will meet you at your farm where we will make use of the latest land surveying equipment to draw up a precision map…


Uniquely designed according to your needs. That’s our goal when we start planning your hydraulic and fully automated system…


Whether you are thinking of evolving your current irrigation system, expanding or just need general maintenance,…


With many years’ experience and impeccable service, we are proud to be synonymous with agricultural irrigation and offer you options that are specific to your needs. Whether your farm is looking to upgrade its existing irrigation system, invest in a new system or maintain the current one, our experts are ready to provide you with top quality service across the Western Cape area.

Call us today on [023 312 3071] to speak with one of our irrigation specialists and discover how we can help you with your farm’s irrigation.


Die diens by Witzenberg Besproeiing is altyd vriendelik, ek het nog nie ‘n dikbek mens daar gekry nie.

– Tony Duckworth

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