WB started it’s first project late 2017 to build a pump station from HDPE, replacing galvanized fitting. With this expedition in to unknown territory came a lot of knowledge through trail, error, failure and success in the end. After all the trouble it was clear that a person needed to focus on HDPE welding to master all it’s tricks and headaches. This forced WB to buy our own welding machine and to train our technicians in the welding process to understand the limitations but mostly the possibilities of HDPE instead of galvanized.

Fun thing we learnt:

This year we will grow even more in the HDPE field by looking to invest in a larger welding machine. Currently we do welds from 40 – 250mm HDPE pipe. We are looking forward to growing in the HDPE field as the product should outlast galvanized steel and maybe even 304 stainless steel. Only time will tell.