In need of help with irrigation?

Look no further, we at Witzenberg Irrigation will help you

In need of help with irrigation?

Look no further, we at Witzenberg Irrigation will help you

Installation and system automation

Uniquely designed according to your needs. That’s our goal when we start planning your hydraulic and fully automated system.

The software is completely tailor-made to ensure you not only get the correct volume of water dispersed across your crops but also full control of fertigation and pumps.

Possible inclusions to the process may be the installation of submersible pumps, pump stations, manifoolds and fittings being connected via HDPE welding and system automation.


Items are supplied based on quantities received from a design drawn up by  our team or from an existing bill of quantities supplied by the customer.

The items applications are discussed to ensure we deliver high quality items that suits your requirements.

All items are checked at the WB premises and our record keeping is topnotch in case we ever have to refer back.

Delivery can be arranged to your farm or site.


The installation is normally done by the farm staff during the farms’ off season. Where a workforce is not available, we have sub-contractors to do a complete installation – from pump station to sprinklers.
The installation is done according to the map, pump station and clusters designed by the our team. Where the farm uses it’s own workforce to do the installation and needs any assistance, an advisor from the our team of experts can be asked for assistance.
Upon completion of installation a system check is done by a WB advisor and the client to ensure everything is in order before firing up your new irrigation system.


System automation is controlled through an irrigation controller. These controllers are either stand-alone units or connect to a PC.

A combination of stand-alone units could connect to a central unit to give you full control of the irrigation, soil moisture probes and fertigation systems from your central office or even your mobile phone.

A full installation of the automation system is done by the WB team and automation programmers.


Our team will meet you on your farm where we will make use of the latest land surveying equipment to draw up a precision map…


Whether you are thinking of evolving your current irrigation system, expanding or just need general maintenance,…